If you get covered in paint during his show, you're welcome.

So we’ll be at PoolTradeShow next week, Monday Aug 31 to Wednesday Sept 2 (Booth 700!) and it’s going to be a blast. In addition to all the new awesome designs we’re launching we’re having David Garibaldi come out and promote his apparel line by performing live! If you’ll be at this year’s Magic, Project, Pool or any other fashion trade show in Vegas (there are so many!), then come to Pool on Monday or Tuesday or both days at NOON to watch David’s Rhythm & Hue show! This trade show season is going to be epic I guarantee, or your money back!*

COntrary to popular belief, PoolTradeShow is not held in a giant kiddie pool.

PoolTradeShow just sent out their newsletter announcing a bunch of other really rad news, and we’ve got a special place on their announcement that went out to hundreds of thousands of peeps! Check out the write up here (just scroll down a couple clicks): Pool Newsletter

Welp, we hope to see you out there! If you’ll be at the shows, come by and say “Hi!” Just look for the white picket fences! (We’ll show pictures after the show!)

*Since it’s free, the only money you can give you is Schrute Bucks. Sorry, Schrute Bucks cannot be exchanged for Stanley Nickels.