Our friend Josh Caine was kind enough to come along with us for the ride and take some seriously stellar pictures of our trek into tradeshow territory.

The unofficial theme for this tradeshow season for Goodie was ‘Goodie Two Sleeves Makes You Awesome’. We did a series of pictures and stuff that appeared on our mailers, invites, catalogs and stuff. When deciding how to translate that theme into our newest booth, we decided to use our old booth and have GTS ‘make it awesome’. A bunch of graffiti, wheat pasted stuff, and hours upon hours later we had this uber-bright, ultra-awesome booth that screamed ‘Goodie Made Me Awesome!’ Sheesh, I hope I don’t have to say that line again….

Building the booth was an adventure in itself because the Convention Center Freemen were all crazy in out bizznass. But we got to set up a day earlier then most people so it was fine.


Dude, Evan’s stache was seriously epic. For whatever reason a bunch of people all had unplanned mustaches for Pool.

We finished, and went to bed, and came in the next day with our most ridiculous (awesomest?) shwag on. For some reason all my ‘business clothes’ are like, crazy ’70’s suits. And I love it.

We got a lot of comments and comliments on the booth, but we couldn’t have done it without our friends who helped design and build it, Luis, Cory, Evan, Leslie, Josh & Josh # 2. Even though attendance was down, we was bizzay!

Here’s a better look at the booth. Check out the newest Open-Up Robot Hoodie for girls, now in pink!

Leslie did a great job with so much of the stuff. Catalogs, mailers, and she even found time to make these sweet table toppers that gave a little info to the buyers while we showed them the line. Sorta like reading the back of the box while you’re chompin’ your breakfast cereal.

Only part of the team was around for this year’s group shot, but there were 11 people running around with Goodie nametags on this show. ELEVEN. That’s like, at least 2 more then the 6 peeps we brought last show.

We’ll be releasing a lot of the new shirts soon. We’ll be sure to blog about the awesome new shirts and hoodies shortly (Although you’re gonna have to wait until Winter for hoodies). Everyone really loved the new stuff and it was great to have stores we totally love and respect talk about how they love us too! A great time had by all!