Wow. That was weird. Intermittent website availability made us switch servers, but our old database didn’t change over, so I had to manually reinstall the appropriate elements.


In other words, this happened to us:


That image is inaccurate though, as Chuck Norris would never get Suckerpunched…er… SuckerOared in the face like that. He was laying down for a nap at the same moment that oar was flying through the air.


ANYWAYS. It was a pretty crazy sabbatical. We’ve been working really hard over here on projects we STILL can’t talk much about, but once the deals are inked and the orders are in, OOOOOH BOY! Won’t you be surprised! Well, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that we’re back in action in Blog City, and we’ll be repopulating the archives over the next few weeks. (You know, in case you want to do some resarch for a school report on how many pointless Youtube videos Goodie adds online!)


The coolest part of this unexpected ‘break’ from the online world was that we are working on a few odds and ends around the website to make it function better for you. It also inspired us to make a movie!


Goodie?… Goodie?… Goodie?…