Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving! I know I certainly did! There’s just something about green bean casserole that makes me start drooling instantly.

Well, we’ve all been feeling the financial crunch lately, which might be why our Black Week Sale has been going awesome and people have been getting super good deals on cozy hoodies for the colder weather & new tshirts that launched last week. Apparently Half-Off makes for some smiling faces. All YOU have to do to save 50% on anything in our online store is enter the Discount Code: BACKINBLACK during checkout and that’s it! Click on shop and fill your cart with all sorts of goodie’s while there’s still time to ship before the holidays!

I also made another Black Week ad in 5 minutes in MSpaint, just for giggles:

On another note, I wanted to make an early Christmas gift for my friend Jon Schneck that didn’t hurt my wallet so I merged his love for all things Back To The Future with his versatile last name and came up with this for his (and your) visual enjoyment. :]

And finally, on another note, I had a garage sale this last weekend and sold 2 bikes for a little more then nothing, only to see the guy that bought them selling them both on craigslist for WAY MORE then what he paid. Granted people do this all day long. Shame on me for assuming he was trying to get a holiday present for one of his kids. Pssh. Da Noive!*

*Translation: The Nerve.