So our Black Week sale has finally come to an end! A very special ‘Thanks’ and ‘You’re awesome!’ to everyone who participated and saved all kinds of cash! Orders are shipping like clock-work and you’ll all be opening your fun filled boxes soon!

If you happened to miss our Black Week sale, we will be starting a holiday sale next week that will let you save some of that hard earned cash. We will also be announcing our ‘Weeks Worth’ contest winner on December 15th, so at least one person won’t be suffering from a ‘case of the Mondays’ soon!

A few days ago I said I would announce some awesome news, and as is often the case with important things (Birthdays, anniversaries, lunch time) I forgot. Well, I’m nothing if not consistent!

The news we’ve been chomping at the bit to tell you is all the paperwork has settled and we are now the official world-wide exclusive license agreement holder of the work of David Garibaldi, the world renowned performance artist and painter. This guy isn’t only an awesome guy, he’s a brilliant talent whose work is admired by celebrities and nobility alike. This means David’s masterpieces will finally be available to the public in the form of a variety of apparel, accessories and other merchandise. What better way to celebrate the news then by saying ‘Booya Grandma!’ (Crash Bandicoot, you are missed.)

While we are currently developing much of the merchandise, rest assured that the product will be high end, professional grade awesome and we will announce participating retailers shortly. Let’s just say some fantastic and well respected stores are already working with us on this project. Awesome!

In other news, we are also working on some other amazing deals with some incredible companies. Although I can’t name names at the moment, what I can tell you is we were floored when some of these people approached us. ( Hint: One license often stays at the ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ and to be honest we’re a little ‘All Shook Up’ to be in this position ) Little old us working with the likes of ****** and *****?!? Wowie Zowie. One such company we’ve actually been working with for a while is NBC. These guys are both smart and funny and that is a lethal combo (Kind of like eating pinto beans and broccoli, only funnier… and less lethal.)

It has been a dream come true to work on merchandise for shows like The Office and 30 Rock and the wonderful ladies and gents at Universal/NBC couldn’t be nicer. Here are some of the shirts currently up for grabs in NBC stores around the world (and online!).

That’s not all the coolness going on over here either boys and girls. We’ve documented a couple trips and excursions that we’ll be posting next week so be sure to check back here often. Or better yet, subscribe to our blog via whatever blog reader you use. (And if you don’t use one, might I suggest starting! It’s awesome.)

And be sure to send in your pictures of you wearing Goodie stuff too! We’ll add the coolest ones to our ever-growing press page. :]

See you in a couple days and had a rad weekend! Time to EAT!