Well, PART of all the news flowing out of our technicolored wonderland is that of some new digs. When it was down to concrete floors and spackled walls I took some video but realized 1. I don’t know how to use Adobe Premiere and 2. Even if I did I don’t have time to edit video, so instead I just decided to wait until out offices were looking a little shwankier, and shwankier they look. Not complete, but definately cooler than the 77 sq. ft. trash can we started in. Here is a (more or less) door to door tour.

Coming in is like entering a bowl of rainbow sherbet. Also, growing up I always thought it was ‘sher-BERT’ and then like last year I read a carton of it that was like “No fool! It’s sher-BET! Ain’t No second R in there!” My world was changed.

Now, I apologize for the lack of hanging pictures or paintings or kittens or whatever goes on walls, but like I said, this is only a work in progress. And to be perfectly honest, the only thing it that briefcase is a t-shirt and some skittles. We don’t take ourselves THAT seriously.

Contrary to my photography skillz, those aren’t ghetto hanging wires, but rather elegant florescent lights that uncannily take on the appearance of ghetto hanging wires. Just an example of the officitude going on.

Our production manager’s office. He wanted his room to look like the Mexican flag, but instead he sort of has a perpetual Christmas thing going on. Oh well. That sword on the wall is real and if you make fun of his office He. Will. Cut. You.

An awkward shot of an almost empty room, soon to be filled to the brim with these. I can wish can’t I?

If you turn to the right from the last picture you get yourself a custom wall-length desk that seats our amazing team of artists…. And there she is way off on the horizon. Truth be told it’s still only me and Leslie drawing all the shtuff ’round here, but now I have a place to sit when I come in.

Mal’s office isn;t far away and it’s dripping with amazing original artowrk from David Garibaldi made just for the line he is developing with us. I’ll be sure to show you all better images of his stuff in the coming days/weeks. The line with David is looking off the charts rad and we’re already planning some huge events. More on that later. Oh, back to this thing. Malachi (pronounced ‘Mah-luh-kai’. Get it right people!) is a member of the ‘Creative Deptartment Dapper Dans’ (I just made that up) which is a team of warriors in the ongoing ‘Nerf Turf War’ going on between the Imaging and Corporate departments at GoodieHQ. Here he brandishes a new weapon. I think I’ll post tomorrow about the Nerf fight that went down last time I was in.

A bookshelf, cleverly obstructing the view into Mal’s office, is frequently used as a barricade in said ‘Nerf Battles’. Also, it funtions as a book shelf, providing a horizontal space in which to stack literature of a ‘book’ nature. Also, ghetto-floor-printer.

And here is just about th only part of the office that IS almost complete. The umbilical chord between departments is more or less a game room/shirt museum/show room and offers a variety of awesomeness for your brain-melting pleasure. My fave is the ‘Wall of Tees’ showcasing some of our best selling pieces from the last 6 years or so.

And no, you weren’t seeing things. That is friggin NBC Jam up in there.

A quick peek into about a third of our warehouse reveals that we are in fact, literally drowning under shirts. These are shirts for online orders, our customers around the continent and even overseas. Some of it is brand new, some of it is limited edition and there are even a few really old shirts floating around back there. Anyways, it’s kind of cool to see all this stuff. I’m blown away that we are anything more than a couple funny tees like back in the day and I feel totally honored (stoked, blessed, awesome) to be a part of such a rad thing.

Anyhow, thanks for hanging out for a few and checking things out with us. I’ll fill you dooders in when things are a bit more final round here. Until then, here’s the door.