Dudes! Dudettes! Little Baby Dudes! If you have any awesome pictures of you or your friends wearing Goodie Two Sleeves® shwag, then send them our way! We’ve already got a bunch of awesome pictures up in our Press section, but we KNOW you guys have some hilarious pictures of you sporting your new Goodie gear!

Like take Adam for example. He was prolly like, “Bros! Now would be a pretty good time to take a picture of me in my Goodie shirt! Because we’re totally partying! I mean look at all these party cups full of frothy juice behind me! Let’s DO this!” This is what followed:

This dude is pointing at YOU. (Well, if you were the photographer of this picture I guess...)

If YOU have some awesome pics, just click on Adam’s picture above to email them to us! And stay posted cause we’ll be uploading a BUNCH of new images to the Press section soon!