Congratulations Amit in Las Vegas, NV! You won the iPod Nano! Thanks to everyone who ordered and sent in entries and called us just to say “hi” and who mailed us Twinkies! Note: Mailing us Twinkies does not increase your odds of winning, it does however increase your odds of having the Twinkies you mailed to us eaten by us. Our next sale is right around the corner, where we’ll be releasing a ton of new shirts like always and giving away something extra super special to one lucky fan! Check out our Contests page soon for all the info!

I feel bad we only had one winner! Maybe next time around we have a drawing for 1st, 2nd and WORD place prizes! To those of you who did not win, I am sorry because I know you are feeling sort of:

right about now. But the world can be a harsh place and as much as we promote fairness and equality, we aren’t able to give every fan a free media player, and so unfortunately and with much respect we must say to you:

Huzzah! Much love. Happy Wednesday err’one! Talk to you later.