Once again, our friends over at Kwirkworld, who never cease to amaze us, have repped our tee’s to their ultimate fullest! We want to give them a HUGE shot out for being all around totally awesome and amazing!! Their stores are full of some of the zaniest and most unique gifts that you could ever want to find, and because they love us so very much they carry a bunch of our tee’s as well!! I can’t stop !!!’ing  because it’s so darn exciting! Kwirkworld prides themself upon being a venue for laughter and goodwill. Wow, we don’t think we could say it any better ourselves! We are without a doubt kindred spirits in all things awesome, it is of now officially official 😀

Check out some of the Goodie tee’s that they currently have available:




Their locations are:

  • San Luis Obispo: 766 Higuera St.
  • Fresno: 140 River Park