Oh, cool! Three Fans! One for each of my faces! Wait… What? Nevermind.

First up, here is our good(ie) friend Krystal, who I believe we may have mentioned before. If not, then we SHOULD have! Shame on us!

Backyards are for fencing.

Next up are Steve and Nick who are wearing a brand new tee that will be online VURRY soon! Nothing against Bakersfield, but they look like they are in Bakersfield.

I have a hammer with this warning on it: This Is Not A Drill

And lastly here is Claudia and her cat Monster, which just so happens to be the name of my favorite energy drink! (“Claudia Rainbow Energy Surprise”, if you’re wondering. It’s from Japan.)

It's funny because I have a pet monster named 'Cat'

Thanks for the pictures guys! Keep sending them in! (pictures@goodietwosleeves.com) And I’ll keep posting them on our site! Because I love you! No, seriously, you want to go out sometime? We can like, grab a churro at Disneyland? Maybe? Okay, call me!