A long time ago, in a galaxy really, really close… DINO PLUSH! It’s true. We designed a Big Red T Rex plushie. Some of our fans may know they can be won as prizes at some carnivals and arcades. And while that’s incredibly cool, we’ve always been sad we never got enough extras to sell on our site. Well, we can help ease SOME of that burden because we’re giving away 5 of these bad boys, just in time for Christmas! (Or the holidays? I mean, Happy Festivus, I guesstivus. I don’t know).

How To Win a 14″ T Rex Plush

Big Red T Rex Plush in action!

Although this is a true plush and Big Red has no robotic features, I’ve noticed you can bingo-bongo his arm up and down by pressing his tummy. Also, bingo-bongo is a word now.

You can win either our Sad T Rex plush or our Unstoppable Dino plush. The winners won’t get to choose, but both are super cool.

The rules are super simple. All orders placed at ShopGoodie.com are automatically entered to win! But there are actually over a dozen ways to enter! Ways as easy as visiting our Instagram page, or Liking us on Facebook. Bonus ways like watching a video or downloading our Dino Sticker pack for iOS. There’s no purchase necessary, the basic way to enter is by clicking here and entering your email address. Five winners around the globe will be chosen on December 1, 2017 and notified by email shortly after.

So get busy and enter, because these things are incredibly cool!