So Hector is constantly asking Maria to ‘venga’ or ‘come here’ to discuss various sample orders, packing requests and the like. Malachi heard it so much he started saying ‘venga’ willy-nilly. Like, “Dude! Venga I need to venga get some venga food!” Or something like that. Well since Hector manages all of our production he decided to put those skills to use.


I’m not sure if the idea here was to STOP the constant ‘Venga-ing’ or what, but everyone in the office asked for a shirt when they found out about it.


Now everyone says it all day long for no reason what-so-ever. It’s like the official office joke right now. Also, it’s hard to tell in this photo, but there’s a hole in the wall in the background that signifies the start of our new expansion! We’re making more room for all the cool stuff we’ve got planned for you guys!


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