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Question: “Dude, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck? Why would he chuck wood in the first place?”

Answer: “First of all…a woodchuck does not chuck wood, because a woodchuck is just a frigging rodent like rats and squirrels. They want nothing to do with wood. They have better things to do that to chuck on wood, they like to dig and eat grasses all day, except in winter, that’s when they take a break from all the digging and grass eating.

I really don’t understand why we call this vermin a WOODCHUCK, I don’t even think they can do that, can they? I mean if he was to try and chuck some wood he will prolly break its teeth… And I really dislike the tongue twister related to this guy , I can hardly pronounce some of the words here and that tongue twister just makes it worst.

So to answer your question, a woodchuck can not chuck any wood and if he could we will prolly name it something else ’cause we tend not to call things for what they are.”

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