My friend Jered got us some tickets to see The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien the other day, and lemme tell y’all, it was great! Josh and Jason came too but nobody knew I had been preparing a special surprise!

A banner made just for us....well, not really.

We showed up around 3pm, a little late for Tonight Show standards, but we still got pretty rad seats. Before we went in though I gave the guys my surprise: custom Conando shirts!

"The Four Weirdos"

It was a blast watching the show. We were actually able to give Mr. O’Brien a Conando shirt too which was epic! If you aren’t familiar with the awesomeness that is Conando, here, lemme show you:

You can watch the entire skit here. Anyways, epicness. After watching the taping, giving Conan a shirt and being funny with him and then eventually leaving, we were all like ‘Pizza?’ and our shirts said ‘Yes. Yes indeed.’ So we went to BJ’s.

Moe, Larry and Creepy.

Conando was hungry too.


I think the best part of the night was the random people giving us air high fives and just loving the shirts. We only made enough for us and Conan and they are NOT for sale, but we’ve worked with NBC on tees before and seeing as how Conan liked the shirts, maybe NBC will be down to make them! We’ll see what they say, but for now they were just a fun, exclusive gift for my friends.

El Jerkface McGee... jk

Again, a great night. We plan on going again soon. Who knows, maybe we’ll make a ‘In The Year 2000’ shirt or something!