Why are we doing so much pranking around here? It it because we are all twelve year old children with attention disorders and a blatant disregard for regulations? Yes. Probably. There’s no way to know. BUT I CAN remember, a long long time ago when this all started.

Jason is sort of the answer-man around here. Considering we’re all twelve, Jason is at least fourteen, so he is the resident adult. They grow up so fast! (What am I talking about.) Anyway, to celebrate an ongoing inside joke and utilizing the fact that we are 100% a t-shirt company and we never spend our time irresponsibly, we made ‘Ask Jason’ shirts and everyone wore them on the same day to surprise Jason!

Jason is the one whose FACE IS ON THE SHIRTS. Pay attention.

I designed the shirts which, somehow, makes me ‘guilty’ for this egregious crime, I GUESS, and as much as the shirts all made Jason laugh and feel loved, he decided to thank me by HANGING MY CHAIR.

“Oh, hi desk! How are you? Have you seen chair?”

Apparently my Nerf Gun did not deter the theft.

“That’s strange, the door to the warehouse was strangely left open… Chair? Are you our her–CHAAAAAAIIIR!!!”

I don't know why that metal truss is even there, but Jason totally BROKE IT.

It was a lot less dramatic than that actually. But I did catch this great shot of the guilty party RETURNING TO THE SCENE OF THE CRIME.


I had to get back to work, but I did not want to dignify this blatant beginning of a Prank War with a prank, so I took the path of least resistance (and least amount of climbing and/or chair removing from the ceiling) and got to work with my brand new chair.

I hardly even noticed.

And then, lastly, for reasons unknown, Hector wanted to have his portrait taken. It doesn’t HAVE to make sense! You’re in T-shirt Town now, baby! Anyways, in a mere matter of weeks, this simple act of chair espionage would spark the beginning of a very mellow, t-shirt related PRANK WAAAAAR. TBS™ Very pranky.

I don't like that there is a blue tinge to all of the pictures taken with Leslie's camera.