Our offices are in southern California and pretty close to Canoga Park! It’s a beautiful city with a KFC and a day care center that used to be a car wash! Well I was recently turned on to their (official?) tourism video and it’s very accurate! It’s so accurate it probably drives an Acura! Actually, I was literally just handed a menu to a new (old?) Latin food restaurant in… wait for it… CANOGA PARK!

I wonder why they have 2 very similar phone numbers!?

BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE! I however don’t speak Spanish so I may never know how or when to get there. Just about the only Spanish I know is “Mis pantalones son en fuego!” and I use it often. ANYHAZE, without further ado, check our Canoga Park and see if you want to pen it in to your next trip to New York City! I mean, it’s a little out of the way, but what’s a trip to NY without a 6 day detour? Also, WARNING: May contain language not appropriate for EARS. We usually try to avoid videos that curse and this one doesn’t, but it says some other stuff that, taken out of context, might get you grounded, or the very least get you stink-eye from someone.

ANYGLAZE, sorry. About that video, about consistently and intentionally misspelling ‘anyways’, about this whole thing. SORRY!