The other night I had a dream where I was in a house with my extended family but I was just walking around being awkward. I was having a really hard time saying normal stuff and being a generally acceptable human so I enlisted the help of David Schwimmer and Eminem except Eminem had a very blond mustache. They were saying things like, “No dummy, that’s a stupid thing to say, here, go over to this part of the room and say this.”

You know, just a very normal dream. At one point however I said to Eminem, “Dude, with that mustache you look EXACTLY like our bookkeeper Steve!”

As it turns out, Steve looks nothing like Eminem with a mustache, I did however photoshop the comparison JUST to be sure!

In my opinion he should totes grow out his bagel brusher.

Steve's office is conveniently in a cement cubicle with only red lights that shine in his face.

Of course, I just remembered what it is we do here and it is NOT photoshopping mustaches onto Eminem. No, our work here is much more professional than something like that!