This is our friend Stephanie wearing her favorite Goodie Two Sleeves t-shirt on Facebook! WE TOTALLY LOVE FAN PICTURES!! We don’t care if you’re changing diapers, playing with zebra’s, hanging out with leprechauns, or just having fun being chased by monkey’s. Okay, even if you’re just standing in front of your bathroom mirror, WE WOULD LOVE IT!!! We want to add more pictures to our fan page, so take a picture of yourself wearing your favorite Goodie Two Sleeves t-shirt and we will not only post it on our fanpage, but we may also post your picture on our blog, write about how incredibly cool you are, and talk about your awesomeness even though we’ve never met you! We know, you’re totally jealous. Send your fan pictures to me at

CONTEST ALERT: Check out our Facebook page @ We are giving away a free t-shirt and some other goodies from these Goodies’! All you have to do is post a picture of yourself wearing your favorite Goodie Two Sleeves t-shirt with a holiday theme incorporated into the picture somehow. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or if you’re not religious, then a New Year’s themed picture will do just fine! Whichever picture is the most “liked” on Facebook will win the prizes! The contest will end on Dec. 21st at 12am PST, so make sure to hop to it! Stephanie is rocking her favorite Nerdy Bear Glasses t-shirt with a slick santa-bear version in sunglasses. That was very creative Stephanie, and we know that our other fans can be just as creative as well. Come on it’s the holiday season, it only happens once a year, get in the spirit with us!! We’re lonely celebrating by ourselves, we hope that our friends will join us! 🙂