We had a great time at MAGIC over Valentine’s Day! We loved seeing some old friends and meeting some new ones as well! Here’s a little peek into our booth.

First of all, building a booth from scratch for yourself is not as easy as it may seem. Most other companies used their wallets to build booths, bringing in contractors and what-have-you to do all the nitty-gritty, but not us. We designed and built the entire thing in-house and it turned out amazingly, plus it had a lot of character.

White picket fences and the owners who love them.

Once the fences were up we added some tvs and shirts to the mix. ut we couldn’t stop there! We wanted to go higher!

61.98% of this photo was taken by unicorns.

What ‘front yard’ is complete without a mailbox (full of stickers, candy and custom fortune cookies)? The answer is NONE.

Chester made a cameo along our front fence for most of the show.

Finally the sky and tees were all up and our booth seemed to peek at our next door neighbors’ interesting lives. The booth was complete and ready to entertain the hundreds of people who would soon browse our newest and Goodiest designs to carry in their stores!

Chester flying an airplane with a "Proud To Be Awesome" banner was a fun touch.

And entertain we did! We were busy from start to finish of the show. SO busy that this is the only photo I had a chance to take since it seemed like it was the slowest we were the whole time! Everyone commented on our super creative booth and great new designs and I was thrilled that we pulled together as a team to make such a great experience for everybody! Between the thick grass and ten foot sky, it was a magical week!

We literally handed out over 1,000 fortune cookies stamped with our logo and custom fortunes, before we ran out!

We want to thank ALL of our great clients and friends who came by to see the new line, order, browse and just hang out. You guys were great! And we know a LOT of you couldn’t make it for various reasons, but we will be back in August with even MORE surprises hidden up our (Goodie Two) sleeves, so pencil us in now! šŸ˜‰

Towering over 10 feet about our heads, we all really loved seeing the sky while we were indoors!

If you are with a store and did not get a chance to meet us but would like to see our current offering, please contact a sales agent to see what is right for you and your customers! Call us at 1-888-RAD-TEES and ask for our Sales Department, or shoot us an email at wholesale@goodietwosleeves.com!