Our NBC t-shirt’s were pleased to be in the background on the NBC ‘Today Show’ this morning! Our ‘Wah-Pah’ t-shirt from the TV show ‘Friends’, our ‘STD Fair’ t-shirt from the TV show ‘Community’, and our ‘Dr.Drake Ramore Saved My Life’ t-shirt from the TV show ‘Friends’ were all seen in the background of the video featured below! The NBC ‘Today Show’ was doing a bit with ‘Sara on the Streets’ about the iconic fanny pack’s comeback to the fashion scene, but because they shot the video inside the NBC Store (where many of our custom NBC designs are available for purchase) the tee’s were finally able to get their shot in the limelight! Watch the video below and see if you can pick out our tee’s in the background!

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Click on any of the tee’s above to be escorted straight to the NBC Web Store where you can purchase any of these t-shirt’s for yourself or a loved one! A HUGE THANKS to the NBC Store for alerting us to this video! You hold such a special place in our heart and we are both thankful and grateful for the amazing partnership that we have!