We are super excited to announce that Hot Topic is currently selling some of our awesome kid’s tee’s exclusively on their web store!! The tee’s still encompass all of the hip fun Goodie humor that we are best known for, just now in a more miniature size! Check out some of the new styles below:





If you click on any of the above pictures, they will take you straight to the Hot Topic web store where you can take a peep at some more Goodie t-shirt’s that are currently available for kids. Plus, you can purchase your own kid’s tee for a rugrat that you would like to pamper! Every kid loves monsters and aliens, so why shouldn’t they wear a tee that truly represents them?! Hot Topic is an epicenter of pop culture, mixed with music, and a whole lot of fun! We are beyond pleased to have our brand acquainted with such an amazing company!!

Rock On & Rock Out kiddos!!