Ahh yes, Valentine’s Day! A moment to share roses and chocolates and cards with your special someone. A chance to…

What’s that you say? You aren’t the traditional type? You’re allergic to roses and chocolate gives you gas? You had a paper cut incident with a card that you don’t want to revisit? Then you’re in luck! Thanks to the Valentine’s Day Goodie Two Sleeves Sale, you can find a lovely deal on a great nontraditional gift!

Introducing the Valentine’s Day Goodie Two Sleeves Sale

Let’s say your spouse enjoys a subtle cat joke. We have a shirt for that.

Maybe your special friend prefers a reptilian delicacy? We have a shirt for that.

Perhaps your love knows who they are, and aren’t ashamed to admit it. We have a shirt for that.

Or maybe your FWB is just into some weird stuff. We have a shirt for that, too.

Whatever your preference, we’ve got a gift that will make a lasting impression. In fact, we guarantee this gift will make your significant other smile or your money back!

Better Hurry

Save 40% until February 14, 2017 when you use Coupon Code: BEMINE during checkout.

Whew. Good thing this Goodie Two Sleeves sale came along, or you’d be toast!